"The Sex Magicians" by R.A.W.

topic posted Tue, April 3, 2007 - 5:45 PM by  markoff
A couple of years ago I had a chance to meet RAW personally. I'd purchased a copy of "The Sex Magicians" on ebay and a friend of his had contacted me wanting to purchase the book with the intention of giving it to RAW as a gift. I replied that I would be happy to give it to him myself and that no payment would be necessary. Upon presenting R.A.W. with the book I let him know that I'd made a digital copy (for myself) and asked him whether he intended to have the book published again in the future. He wasn't sure if the rights to the book still resided with the original publisher (I believe they're out of business) or not but in any case he asked me to make this story available to the public via the internet. I've been waiting to do so, just in case he changed his mind and wanted to have the book published, but obviously that's no longer a possibility. He wanted you all to have it. You can download the pdf version, here:

Note: The front cover image is not visible all the time. If the first page is all grey, you can always try using another pdf viewer-editor. For me Adobe Reader 7 wouldn't show the cover art, while Very PDF's pdf editor did show it. You can read the story with either of them of course.

The front cover image is also available separately:

As is the complete text from the book:

Note: Viewing the .txt file using your web browser isn't advisable. The text is not formatted with carriage returns at the end of each line, it extends far right of your browser window (which doesn't word wrap by default). I suggest you save the file onto your computer then open it using a program that will wrap the text (notepad, wordpad, MS Word, Uedit, whatever).

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    Re: "The Sex Magicians" by R.A.W.

    Tue, April 3, 2007 - 6:39 PM
    Holy Shit!

    Markoff, I'm speechless.

    Thank you for posting this
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      Re: "The Sex Magicians" by R.A.W.

      Tue, April 3, 2007 - 7:55 PM

      what a gift

      Thank You
      • Re: "The Sex Magicians" by R.A.W.

        Tue, April 3, 2007 - 9:32 PM
        I know somebody was looking really hard for this...


        a few pages at the beginning seem to be missing when I open it tho?
        • Re: "The Sex Magicians" by R.A.W.

          Tue, April 3, 2007 - 10:44 PM
          WHOA!!! I never thought I'd be able to read this book, much less obtain a copy. I hereby confer 17 indulgences of any natural act upon you, Markoff. The UC Riverside library has a copy - supposedly - but won't lend it out.

          RAWphiliacs (sombunall of them) might want to see how RAW incorporated parts of Sex Magicians into the SCT.

          A. Pope
          • Re: "The Sex Magicians" by R.A.W.

            Wed, April 4, 2007 - 1:03 AM
            Is it just a "CoinciDANCE" that the name "Markoff" appears 17 times in the book, starting on page 20?

            And that the man's name is Markoff Cheney??

            Who IS that masked man??
            • Re: "The Sex Magicians" by R.A.W.

              Wed, April 4, 2007 - 12:29 PM
              I'm not sure I believe in coincidences. Everything seems to be related to everything else to in one way or another. Regarding my choice of screen name I'm sure you know about the midget (aka Chaos Incarnate) in The Illuminatus. Short in stature and rather sour of disposition he was .... brimming over with bitter resentment, but with good reason. He was brilliant, a genius way outside of the bell curve, brimming over with insight into human nature so long as the human being under discussion was not himself. He could blow a mind with a mumble .... even cause a riot on a schedule. With all of his potential, you can imagine how he felt when he found himself invariably, and inevitably cast in the role of a teddy bear, or baby ... or a toy. It didn't matter what he said, whenever he opened his mouth he invariably found himself being cuddled, burped or worse.

              I can't profess to being short or even small. I do not consider myself to be a brilliant social engineer or a genious on any subject, but I feel more than a little kinship with Markoff Chaney. I'm reminded of what I share with him every time I try to drag one of my relatives into the light of day (politically). I'm very strict with myself when doing so. I provide them with data. My analysis I keep to myself ... they can come to their own conclusions without any assistance from me and I want them to do so. In every instance however, despite the care with which I've chosen my words, and disregarding the mountain of data from source they would find credible, the only conclusion they seem to reach is that I'm some sort of nut who can't distinguish between delusion and reality .... can't separate the rumors from the news. They don't even examine the data ....doing so could cause them to learn something and it seems that they would rather write me off as a paranoid than consider the possibility that what I'm telling them could be true.

              I see and hear the FNORDS, my friends, but efforts to share my thoughts with others have been for naught. I get the same kneejerk, lower-brain-stem type of reaction that so frustrated Markoff Chaney.

              In any even I'm happy to have made a splash with The Sex Magicians. Enjoy it. I did, especially the following quotes from Sput:

              "Freedom, is the most terrifying thing in the world. Fact. People will go to any length to convince themselves they're not free. If they can't convince themselves they're being watched by the cops, they'll worry about the neighbors. Put them in the wilderness, hundreds of miles from other people, and they'll regress to childhood and start worrying that the Old Man in the Sky is watching them. Anything, no matter how irrational, to avoid doing what they want to do. Just so they can think they're acting under compulsion and, hence, aren't really responsible for what they do. Why was Hitler obeyed? Easy: anybody can be obeyed. People stand around waiting for orders if the boss is out of the room."
              "Here we have freedom," Sput said. "Any vice squad or narcotics cop who bucks the political machine and tries to pull a raid will never get past the voice print on the door—not until we have time to clean up and hide the evidence, anyway. So everybody here is free. And what are they doing? Same as any other party. Waiting for me to do something outrageous first, so they can then follow suit. It's depressing."
              "When I started Pussycat," Sput announced suddenly, returning to his previous mood and topic, "I had only one thought in mind: increasing the total amount of freedom in the world. Of course," he added with a roguish grin, "it wasn't against my principle to get rich in the process. But freedom was paramount. And now, after twenty years, what do I see? What do I see? I'll tell you what I see. People are as shit-scared and cowardly as ever, and still waiting for orders. Nothing can change humanity. Jesus couldn't do it. Jefferson couldn't do it. Even I can't do it. People are hopeless."
              "I could weep when I think of my fellow countrymen," Sput said, toking again on the hookah. "They started with the greatest i Constitution in the history of the world and have spent nearly two hundred years twisting it backwards to allow themselves the masochistic pleasure of being victimized by tyrants. Separation of church and state, the constitution says—and they've fastened on their own backs a priestly tyranny so archiac that any visiting Englishman or Frenchman thinks he's fallen through a time warp back into the Middle Ages. No laws restricting freedom of the press, the constitution says—and there isn't a single media from TV to deaf-and-dumb sign language that isn't policed, regulated, censored, bowdlerized, controlled, restricted, castrated. No wars without the consent of congress, the constitution says—and they let any dimwit in the White House invade any country from here to Fernando Poo, and don't have balls enough to start impeachment proceedings. They're even giving up their right to bear arms. And the fact that they're spied on every time they pick up a phone—the fact that they can't even take a crap in a public John without some creep from the vice squad watching them through a peep hole to make sure they don't do anything faggotty—the fact that they have less privacy than the Germans under Hitler—doesn't bother them a whit. They just sprawl there with the faces in the mud and their butts in the air, wiggling and saying 'Stick it into me again, just like you did before.' And the bureaucrats in Washington are glad to oblige. I tell you," he added morosely, "it's enough to make a grown man weep."
              "Another thing that almost drives me to tears," said Sput philosophically, "is the custard-headed imbecility of the so-called opposition or counterculture in this perishing republic. Clowns who are trying to organize a mass rebellion, but insult the masses every time they open their mouths. Lame brains who oppose censorship here at home but find very elegant excuses to defend it anywhere else in the world. Idiots who cry out for liberty but are eager to accept any dictator who comes along. Epistemological illiterates who don't know the difference between an argument and an assertion. Clods with no more courtesy than the Jukes family, no more tolerance than the Ku Klux Klan, no more sophistication than Jeeter Lester, and no more humor than Cotten Mather. Why, if I pick one of them for an interview in my magazine, they spend half their space saying that I'm a pimp, a whoremonger, a slave owner, a pig and an imperialist—and when I show my own respect for freedom of the press by printing their incoherent gibberings, they sneer at me as an old-fashioned liberal. I could weep, I tell you, I could weep."
  • Re: "The Sex Magicians" by R.A.W.

    Thu, April 5, 2007 - 9:07 AM
    I have a "friend" who made these two porn videos recently ... that are set up just like this book.
    They both take place at the MacCock Sex Research Institute where the scientists struggle with the blance between the reasoned analytical mind and the pull of the passionate, emotional non-linear mind. And they are way funny.

    #1 Doc MaCock
    #2 Fucking in the Name of Science

    Awesome to see the RAW had it going on back in the day. And to just have it come out to access now.
    Thanks Markoff

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