Is Orgone Energy Real

topic posted Wed, July 22, 2009 - 3:53 PM by  bill
Orgone energy is a form of aether.Aether was mentioned in articles by Scientific American. I first discovered that orgone devices were being built by christains to be used against Satin's army. I then discovered that orgone was a form of aether by finding the relationship on line. I looked at the basic design and said lets see what I can do with this. I looked into a book - Einstien does not work here anymore by Marice Cooke, that gave the plans for building an aether device. From there I built a high pressure inert gas beam generater, and put a large doubleterminating polished quartz crystal into the end of it. Once pressurized with Argon gas, I put 30,000 volts threw it, and it worked just fine. I started building a pulse generator using the frequecies of the human brain ( between 0 and 20 hertz), but did not have any luck yet. If these christians are right then conspiracies like Chemtrails could be true. Dont forget that RAW said that the Illuminati could be extra-terrestrials or a higher power that would inslave the human race. In chapter 12 of Revalations promises that satin's army was coming here to eath. Maybe after taking on phyisical forms of aliens (there own master race).
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    Wed, July 22, 2009 - 6:29 PM
    You're gonna need a flux capacitor before you kick that up to 88mph.
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      Wed, July 22, 2009 - 7:41 PM
      Although Reich was one of the greatest geniuses of the 20C, I am very skeptical about 'orgone' machines and so forth

      Orgone was simply his word to refer to aetheric energy, what the chinese call Chi, the Japanese Ki, the Indians Prana, etc etc etc

      But using machines and technologies to harness energy in such a way in something that I'm very suspicious of. Especially when it gets in the hands of that particular brand of human riddled with power-delusions and metaphysical fantasies.

      The legend tells that Atlantis was destroyed because it's people were doing such things - attempting to harness strong natural currents of energy to achieve goals that originate in a delusional sense of power - imbalanced from a basis in emotional conscience.

      A good white magickian friend from the UK told me that Stonehenge has been described as much like this too (created by power-hungry druids to amp up the voltage of their will power), and being in the area one can feel an eery and discomforting presence - the feeling that experiments went down there aeons ago that led ultimately to the destruction of the experimenters. Other sites like Avebury Stone circle, on the other hand, are said to have a much nicer feel - probably a site created by druids with much more nicer and mystically-enclined prerogatives.

      My point being (without wanting to sound too much like a nutcase unlike some of the people here ;);) that creating a device like you talk about here can be very dangerous if it is handled with the wrong attitude - and judging you from the way you describe it here, i'd suggest you be very careful with it. Always good to observe one's flights of fancy as they are happening in order to encourage a deeper sense of honesty in one's goals and ambitions. Who knows, you might just be delusional - and your ambitions might be coming from an ungrounded place of power and expansion that overlooks the kind of responsibility towards emotional authenticity that is needed for one to be resonantly connected to the environment, nature and the universe as a whole; the sort of connection that is really the unavoidable crux of what we are all, in the deepest sense, really looking for.
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        Thu, July 23, 2009 - 10:40 PM
        I remember thiat in one of his books RAW describes being treated with a reichian orgone energy machine - it was a wholly positive - experience, I believe.

        Also interesting note: The Kate Bush song 'Cloudbusting' is actually about Reich and his technology/
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          Fri, July 24, 2009 - 1:07 PM
          I think the kate bush song is about peter reich? (forgive me if I got his name wrong) he's reich's son and wrote a really fantastic book about growing up with his UFO fighting father. crazy shit!
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    Thu, July 23, 2009 - 12:03 PM
    " I first discovered that orgone devices were being built by christains to be used against Satin's army....

    If these christians are right then conspiracies like Chemtrails could be true."

    yes yes YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh god yes....
    if they are right about this MAYBE they are right about everything...
    oh yeah what a world!!!!!!!!!!

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    Fri, July 24, 2009 - 12:17 AM
    To God,
    Bill I have nothing but respect for god GOD the all, the void, the silence, the Universe, the light, the dark, the up, the down, dog, nature, life, etc....

    I also happen to be the moderator of the Reich tribe and old Wilhelm and I have a relationship that goes back 20 + years.

    god will always be bigger than anything you think about god - including your ideas about respect or spelling.
    From God.

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      Fri, July 24, 2009 - 6:54 AM
      Thank you
      If this helps any one else to understand. I first had a vision around 30 years ago about a group traveling on horseback. As I watched from a distance, I could see the person in front leading was on a white horse. Trails , like those seen by LSD users, followed for miles. At the time, I knew that no drug, that I ever heard of, could produce such trails. Many years later, I found myself heavy into purple microdot and barrel shaped tablets (assorted colors), called mesc. After not coming down from a trip, I found a strange force that would go through my body at different times. This was right after John Lennon's death. There was a double book collection that was advertised on the radio, and I felt this force go through my body.
      I went to the library to see if I could find that collection. As I walked through the library , strange enough, there was a book turned sideways, so I could see the front cover - The Illuminati Papers. This was the first version, with the picture of the pyramid and the eye. I had seen that eye before in High Times, in an issue of designer blotter. So I bought the book, took it home and started reading.What a coincedence, a book on programing for LSD users. Want to contact higher intelligence ? next coincedence. I could not understand why I did not come down from the last trip so I decided to get to the root of what was going on. I kinda bit off more then I could chew.
      Saturday night would be the night. That week I saw the front page of the paper, which had a picture of a vault. This week's Saturday Night Live was going to a big secret. I called to see if I could get tickets, but the show was sold out. Being a big fan, I knew that I would not miss that show. WRONG - my car got stuck in the sand, at Lake Ronkonkamo, prior to the show starting. After smoking a little hash, and getting the car unstuck, I decided to eat the barrels before driving home, After another little delay, I decided to drive home , but wouldn't you know I started getting off quiker then expected.
      As I reached to turn the ignition switch, I felt very strange. I looked out of the windsheild and just above me, I saw a perfect disc shaped UFO. The first thout to go through my mind was "God help me, I am going to die". I heard a voice say " not yet there is still work here to do." The encounter was so intense, that before it was over, I found myself locked in Central Islip psychiatric hospital.
      Years later, when I met Wilson, at one of his siminars, I asked him about a book " Journeys into a Bright New World " on Ketamine research. He told me about the work being done in the book " Megabrain". After the siminar we hung out at a local Irish pub. He liked Irish pubs. Any way following his direction I tried a hemisync tape which produced visions, and it worked. Somehow it altered the preception of time and opened a window into the future, that allowed visions to be experienced.
      A short time ago, I prayed to God, to show me, and it led me to a website that had a tittle " Was Satin Planing His Own Fake Rapture". The 2nd paragragh mentioned, the bible, UFO,s, and The Illuminati. I knew I was onto something. I eventually ended back here on this wesite trying to recruit for Gods army.

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    Fri, July 24, 2009 - 1:37 PM
    There is a key quote from Aleister Crowley that comes to mind...

    "I will interpret every phenomenon as a particular dealing of God with my soul."

    The key thing about this quote is if you handle it casually and as obvious, it will treat you well.

    If on the other hand you approach it as big deal full of technique, with constant searching for the
    meanings and messages ... it will likely drive you crazy.

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